Executive Director

Dr. Christopher Lawson has served as ALEPSCoR Executive Director since 2010. He previously served as ALEPSCoR Associate Executive Director from 2007- 2010 and ALEPSCoR Co- Director from 1999-2005. Dr. Lawson is a Professor of Physics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a research specialty of optical sensing and nonlinear optics, and has published over 70 journal articles and 10 books or book chapters in these areas.

The Executive Director is the chief administrative officer of ALEPSCoR, and is appointed by the ALEPSCoR AESC. The ALEPSCoR Executive Director has overall responsibility and authority for the day-to-day operation, management and coordination of the ALEPSCoR program. The Executive Director is responsible for constructing and administering a budget that best serves the needs of all federally funded EPSCoR programs and providing reports to the Alabama Commission for Higher Education (ACHE), fiscal agent for state funds in support of EPSCoR, on the expenditure of state funds. He also supervises and administers the state funded Graduate Research Scholars Program (GRSP). The ALEPSCoR State Agency Directors and GRSP Campus Coordinators report to the Executive Director

Dr. Lawson also serves on the Board of Directors of the EPSCoR/IDEA Foundation/Coalition, which assumes a leadership role in coordinating national EPSCoR activities. In addition, in 2013 Dr. Lawson was elected by the EPSCoR Coalition Board of Directors to serve as Vice Chair of the Coalition. As part of those duties, in March of 2013 (as well as previously in March of 2012) at the request of the EPSCoR/IDeA Foundation, Dr. Lawson testified in front of Congress in support of the NSF EPSCoR and NASA EPSCoR budgets requests.

Agency Directors

The ALEPSCoR Agency Directors provide oversight responsibility for the day-to-day operations of federal EPSCoR research programs in Alabama, including responsibility for coordination, notification and supervision of all EPSCoR announcements and awards issued by the federal government. An ALEPSCoR Agency Director is the administrative officer for a designated EPSCoR program in Alabama. He or she is appointed by the ALEPSCoR Steering Committee and is responsible for carrying out the administrative functions of the AESC, providing management, coordination and direction of the EPSCoR program in Alabama and for such other duties as assigned by the Executive Director and AESC. ALEPSCoR currently has an EPSCoR Agency Director for NSF, DOE, and NASA. The Agency Directors are accountable to the Executive Director of the ALEPSCoR Program and to the AESC for providing direction of the ALEPSCoR Program.

The Agency Directors are:

Dr. Gary Zank
University of Alabama Trustee Professor
Eminent Scholar and Distinguished Professor
Director and Chair, Department of Space Science
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Dr. John Steadman
College of Engineering
University of South Alabama

Dr. Dale Thomas
Professor/Eminent Scholar
Industrial and Systems Engineering and Engineering Management
University of Alabama in Huntsville

Dr. Frank F. Bartol
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Interim Director Scott-Ritchey Research Center
Auburn University