DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants

DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants are awarded for a three year initial period and funding may be renewed once for a period of up to three additional years.  Subsequent funding is at the discretion of the relevant program at DOE and their competitive application process.  Implementation Grants may range from $1,000,000 up to $2,500,000 per year. No state matching funds are required. Total funding of up to $3,800,000 annually is subject to appropriation of funds by the Congress. The award size will depend on the number of meritorious applications and the availability of appropriated funds. Typically 2 to 3 awards are made with each FOA.

Initially, there was a limit of only one active Implementation Grant per state or territory at a time.  This limitation has been removed.  ANY EPSCoR jurisdiction with a currently funded Implementation Grant or Grants may apply when there is an open FOA for Implementation Grants.  A Principal Investigator (PI) on current multi-investigator DOE grants or cooperative agreement is NOT eligible to serve as a PI on an Implementation Grant application. Co-Investigators on current DOE multi-investigator grants or cooperative agreements may serve as PIs or as co-investigators on Implementation Grant proposals.  PIs or co-investigators on current or former DOE EPSCoR State — National Laboratory partnership grants are also welcome to apply as PIs on Implementation Grant proposals.

All project funds will be awarded to entities within the EPSCoR jurisdictions.  While DOE EPSCoR funding will not be provided to Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) nor awarded to non-EPSCoR jurisdictions, consulting and other arrangements with FFRDCs for necessary expertise may be used on a limited basis. Collaborations between EPSCoR jurisdictions on Implementation Grants applications are permitted.  Thus, an Implementation Grant application may include institutions from more than one EPSCoR jurisdiction.

DOE EPSCoR also encourages but does not require Implementation Grants to work toward building beneficial relationships between institutions in EPSCoR jurisdictions and the 10 world-class Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) managed by the Office of Science. These institutions offer opportunities to leverage capabilities of DOE national user facilities and develop intellectual collaborations that may not be available locally.

The jurisdiction’s EPSCoR Committee is responsible for selecting the one applicant submitting on behalf of the jurisdiction. A letter of endorsement from the jurisdiction’s EPSCoR Committee or its designee must accompany both the letter of intent and application.

To further the success of the federal-state partnership and of the implementation grants in general, there are the following expectations on the applications for DOE EPSCoR support:

  1. The jurisdiction’s EPSCoR Committee or its designee is expected to have undertaken or adopted a comprehensive analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement of research and development institutions and its industrial and economic resources in support of the jurisdiction’s overall research and development strategy. Applications for this FOA must reference and provide the website for this analysis and must describe the relevance of their application within the context of this strategy.
  2. Applications must present the opportunities for enhanced academic research and development competitiveness and, if appropriate, industrial or economic competitiveness, for the jurisdiction, including plans for the acquisition of sustained non-EPSCoR support.
  3. Applications must exhibit a coherent focus on one energy-related research area bringing together multiple researchers.
  4. Applications must present a management plan for coordinating multiple investigators working on a common theme. This must include performance milestones and a timetable for achieving project goals and deliverables.
  5. Applications must include letters of commitment/endorsement.
  6. Applications must identify the topical research area or areas with respect to the relevant DOE Program Office or Offices and the Office’s specific program goals. As a measure of relevance of DOE missions, DOE EPSCoR will ask the Program Office of Offices to make a meaningful commitment to applications selected for award such as a financial contribution of up to 10% of the support for the proposed effort. While program offices or program office staff may not recommend commitment of funds prior to merit review, prospective applicants should make themselves aware of potential programmatic areas of interest prior to drafting an application.  Additional information on the DOE Research Programs is available at the following websites:
  7. DOE EPSCoR reserves the right to give priority to applications that propose to develop new research areas rather than those that propose to enhance or continue research areas that have been previously funded under EPSCoR implementation grants.

No funds provided in any award, sub award, or other relationship may be used for purposes of construction, alteration, renovation, or the purchase of real property. Applications containing such requested costs may be rejected without further review or consideration.

A link to the most recent Funding Opportunity Announcement for DOE EPSCoR Implementation Grants can be found here.