DOE EPSCoR State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants

The DOE EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnership Grants are for a maximum period of three years.  Subsequent funding is at the discretion of the relevant program at DOE and their competitive application process.  Maximum funding for these grants is $200,000 per year. NO state matching funds are required. An individual may lead or serve as PI on one Partnership Grant application at a time.  That individual may serve as a co-PI on other Partnership Grant applications. PIs on current DOE grant awards are not eligible to serve as PIs on Partnership Grant applications. They may serve as co-PIs. Multiple submissions per EPSCoR jurisdiction are permitted.  All project fund will be awarded to institutions with EPSCoR jurisdictions.

The general requirements for DOE EPSCoR State National Laboratory Partnerships include:

  1. Applicants must be located in one of the eligible jurisdictions.
  2. Individuals who are currently or have been previously supported as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director on a DOE-funded grant or on a DOE-funded FWP, as well as those holding joint faculty positions with DOE National Laboratories are not eligible to serve as the lead PI. When appropriate, such individuals are welcome as unfunded collaborators to provide the benefit of their experience and expertise in working with DOE. A PI can serve as the lead PI on only one pre-application  There is no limitation on participation as a co-investigator on other pre-applications.
  3. Applicants must propose scientific collaborations that partner academic, non-profit, or industrial researchers in EPSCoR jurisdictions and research staff at the National Laboratories. These partnerships should leverage capabilities of DOE national laboratories, particularly their user facilities, and develop intellectual collaborations that may not be available locally.
  4. National Laboratory partners must provide a letter of commitment confirming their willingness to collaborate on the project for the pre-application (endorsed by both the national laboratory collaborator and an appropriate member of laboratory management who is authorized to commit the laboratory to the collaboration) and must also provide a letter of commitment for the application.
  5. The state EPSCoR committee or its designee must provide a letter of endorsement for the pre-application and must also provide a letter of endorsement for the application.  The letter of endorsement for the application may incorporate the letter of commitment.
  6. Applicants must provide a letter or letters of commitment describing any jurisdictional, institutional, or private sector commitments towards the research effort.
  7. Applicants must include support for undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdoctoral fellows as active members of the research team. Junior faculty members are encouraged to apply.  It is encouraged that members of the research team spend a summer or significant time during the academic year at a National Laboratory.
  8. Non-profit organizations and industrial applicants from EPSCoR jurisdictions are welcome to apply but must include academic institutions from EPSCoR jurisdictions as part of their team.
  9. Applicants must provide a listing of recent collaborators for the pre-application and must provide an updated listing of collaborators for the application.
  10. The collaborative research must address scientific areas of current relevance to the missions of DOE. Topical research areas must be identified on the cover of the pre-application and on the inside cover of the application with respect to the relevant DOE Program Office or Offices and the Office’s specific program goals.

A link to the most recent Funding Opportunity Announcement for DOE EPSCoR EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnerships can be found here.