The United States Department of Agriculture EPSCoR AFRI (Agriculture and Food Research Initiative) FASE (Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement) Grants are designed to help institutions develop competitive projects and attract new scientists and educators into careers in areas of national need in agriculture, food, and environmental sciences.  For more information log onto

In 2016, Alabama became ineligible for USDA EPSCoR’s FASE Grants.  Every year NIFA determines the states that are eligible- by having a funding level no higher than the 38th percentile of all states based on a 3-year rolling average of AFRI funding levels, excluding FASE Strengthening funds granted to EPSCoR states and small to mid-sized and minority-serving, degree-granting institutions.    Alabama can still receive new awards from Standard Program funds.


Alabama USDA EPSCoR has a few remaining grants as shown below.

Current Alabama USDA EPSCoR Funding

Number Title Inst PI POP Amount
2016-65615-25539 Tools and Planning for Migration of Agriculture as Sustainable Path for Agricultural Production UAH Richard McNider 9/1/2016 – 8/31/2019 162,667
2017-67020-26398 Systems Modeling of Nitrogen Recycling in Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Production AU David M Blersch 2/15/2015 – 2/14/2020 499,350
2015-69006-22927 Securing the Land for Agricultural and Community Development:  Addressing Heir Property as an Asset Building Strategy TU Robert Zabawa 2/15/2015 – 2/14/2020 499,998


The eligibility for the AFRI and EPSCoR programs is based on a three year rolling average. For FY 2017, Alabama is NOT eligible to participate in the USDA EPSCoR Program.

However, additional opportunities for funding are available through the USDA.  The following link directs to the AFRI Request for Applications website.  Alabama institutions have successfully competed for USDA funding over the past few years and information on successful applications can be found here.