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Research Sector: Chemical / Petrochemical

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Analytical ChemistryChemical Analysis, Integrated Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Forensic Drug Analysis, Small Molecule Synthesis, Organic/Inorganic synthesis, Chemical Analysis, Analytical, Analytical Chemistry, Natural Chemical Synthesis, Carbon Fuels and Other Chemical Analysis, Environmentally Benign Solvent Systems,
PlasmaPlasma Induced Chemical Reactions, Plasma Induced Nanoparticles Synthesis, Microwave Plasma Synthesis and Processing of Superhard Materials, Combustion For Micro-Thrusters,
Surface ChemistrySurface Chemistry, Surface Chemistry,
Environmental Chemistry and ToxicologyEnvironmental Chemistry and Toxicology, Ionic Liquids,
CatalysisHeterogenous Catalysts, Solar Fuel Catalysts, Catalysts and Sensors, Artificial Photosynthesis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Sensors, Supercritical Fluids, Phase - Transfer Catalysis, Design and Analysis of Catalysts,
Carbon SequestrationCO2 Capture and Storage, Adsorption, Membrane Separation, CO2 Sequestration,
Computational ChemistryProtein Docking, Computational Chemistry, Computational Chemistry,
Polymer and Material ChemistryBionanotechnology, Polymer Coatings, Polymer coated metal nanoparticles and nanotubes, Materials Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry- Nanoparticle Catalysis, Nanoparticle Synthesis, Cellulose Deconstruction, Small Molecule Synthesis and Characterization; Plant Derived Extracts; Bioactive Compound Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Polymers,
Petroleum Remediation and ManagementOil Spill Management, Petroleum Chemistry,
Chemical EngineeringTransport Processes, Chemical Engineering, Functionalized Membranes for Separations and Reactors, Process Control and Automation,
CrystallographyCrystallography, Crystallography, Crystal Growth, Chemical Oceanography,
Medical ChemistryNatural Products, Drug Design and Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Adhesive Joints for Composite Materials,
BiochemistryNanotechnology for Biomedical Sensing, Photosynthesis, Computational and Structural Biochemistry, Biochemistry,

Research Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Modeling and SimulationModeling and Simulation, Manufacturing Process Simulation, Automotive Process, Systems and Data Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, Modeling and Adaptive Control of Electromechanical Systems, Extrusion Compression Molding, Injection Molding,
Additive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing, Supply Chain Manufacturing, 3D Scaffolds for infectious disease testing and tissue regeneration, Machine Shop with Broad Capabilities Including Rare Materials and Composites, Additive Manufacturing, Polymeric, 3D Printing with Biocompatible Plastics, 3-D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing of Biomedical Implants, Printable Electronics, Manufacturing Process Optimization and Cost Minimization, Lean Manufacturing, UAVs for Infrastructure Safety and Monitoring, Additive Manufacturing,
Advanced MaterialsSurface Characterization, Polymers, Composites for Aerospace Applications, Optics and Electro-optics Manufacturing Under ISO and TS for Military Applications, Smart materials for tissue engineering, Nano Materials, Polymeric Composites, Fiber Reinforced Composites, Composite Characterization, Development and Processing, Lightweight Composites for Automotive and Aerospace, Concrete Science, Composite Fabrication Capabilities, Polymers, High-Temperature Polymer Composites, Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials Processing, Intelligent and Virtual Manufacturing for Composite Materials, Ceramic and Polymer Matrix Composites, Organic Electronics and Microfibrous Materials, Microfluids for Materials Processing, Thin Wall Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Liquid Composites Molding, Induction Melting Efficiency, Electrospinning, Highway Safety (Roadside Barriers), Green Manufacturing, Cellulose Nanofiber Extraction,
PlasmaSurface Treatment, Surface Treatment, Nano- and Microparticle Formation and Control, Surface Engineering, Surface Treatment, Surface Ablation, Deposition,
SecurityTrusted Supply Chains, Cybersecurity, Cyber Security of Manufacturing Databases, UA Cyber Institute, Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure Interdependency and Cascading, Cybersecure Electronics Manufacturing, Supply-Chain Security,
Tribology, Wear and CoatingsCoating Technologies, Tribology, Wear and Coatings, Tribology,
Systems EngineeringDevelopment of Light Weight Composite Armor for the Army and Navy, Systems Engineering of Composite Based Autoparts, Engineering Lighter Weight Composite Based Heavy Truck Components, Industrial Control Systems, Advanced Robotics, Micro-Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping with Multi-Materials, Joining Technology, Spacecraft Thermal Systems, Steel Structural Engineering, Electromechanical Systems, Embedded Systems, Manufacturing Metrology, Systems Engineering,
Vehicle DevelopmentVehicle Development,
Electromechanical Optical and InfaredPods, Turrets, and Stabilized Gimbal Systems,

Research Sector: Agricultural Products / Food Production

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Genomics and BiotechnologyMolecular Genetics/Biology, Alabama Life Research Institute, Plant Genomics/Genetics, Plant Genetics, Plant Genome Sequencing, De Novo Assembly of Complex Plant Genomes, Agricultural Biotechnology,
Precision AgricultureFood Production, Urban Greenroof, Precision Ag, Microirrigation and Enhanced Water Use Efficiency, Disease / Pest Management, Multispectral Remote Sensing,
Fisheries and AquacultureSustainable Water Usage, Urban Aquaculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries,
Agricultural Waste ManagementAgricultural Waste Management,
Modeling - Soil, Climate and WaterRemote Sensing Technology, Alabama Water Institute, Soil/Climate Modeling, Atmospheric Science, Water Resource Management, Atmospheric Science,
Food Processing Nutrition and PackagingFood Chemistry and Safety, Alternative Dietary Protein, Sustainable Animal Feed, Nutrient Flow Sensing, Food Production, Food Chemistry and Safety, Food Processing/ Engineering/ Packaging, Nutritional Biochemistry, Enhanced Novel Food Products, Sustainable Organic Plant and Animal Production, Food Production, Nutrient Flow Sensing, Chemical and Biochemical Testing, Toxicology and Reproductive Toxicology Testing of New Additives and Ingredients,
PlasmaNanoparticle Treatment for Polymer Filler Compatibility, Surface Chemistry,

Research Sector: Biosciences/ Biotechnology

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Biomedical Genomics and InformaticsGenomics, Alabama Life Research Institute, Alabama Water Institute, Genomics, Genomics, Retrospective, Population-scale Analyses of Drug Efficacy, Drug Safety, and Public Health, Pharmacogenomics, Silver and gold nanomaterials for infectious diseases, Dynamic behavior of various prey-predator models with delays, Medical Genomics, Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Immunogenomics, Nutrigenomics, Omics / Informatics, Molecular Medicine, Gene Discovery, Bio-Informatics, Genomics/Transcriptomics, Genetics, Microbial Metagenomics, Population Genetic Analysis, Immunotoxicology, Plant Genomics, MicroRNA Technologies, Novel Reagents to Assess DNA Damage and Repair, Silver Nanoparticles in Skin Cancer Prevention,
Pharmaceutical DevelopmentAntimicrobial Development, Computational Drug Discovery, Protein Structure and Characterization, Candidate Molecule Optimization (Medicinal Chemistry), Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Drug Target Identification/Validation, Nanomaterial Based Diagnostic Systems, Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration, Biomaterials, Drug Discovery, 1 Million Compound Library for New Drug Analysis, HTS (High Throughput Screening) Capabilities, Medicinal/Organic Chemical Synthesis and Combinatorial Design, Commercialization Capabilities for New Drugs, FDA Regulated Preclinical Capabilities, Infectious Disease Screening for New Drugs and Vaccines including Biothreat, Preclinical Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Drug Discovery / Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery, Nano-Biomedicine,
Patient Care and Clinical ResearchDrug Delivery, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance, Alabama Life Research Institute, Drug Metabolism and Disposition, Interventional Clinical Trials, Retrospective Population-Scale Analyses of Drug Efficacy, Drug Safety, and Public Health, Pharmaceutical Care Outcomes Research, Personalized Medicine, Clinical Genomic Medicine, Rare Diseases, Arthritis and Autoimmunity Diagnosis and Treatment, Diabetes and Obesity Research, Nutrition, and Clinical Care, Disability Health and Rehabilitation Science, Basic and Clinical Studies of Aging, Pulmonary Diseases, Health Disparities Research, Patient Outcomes and Comparative Effectiveness, Exercise Biology and Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Visual and Oral Systems,
Biomarker DiscoveryGenome Transcription Factors, Bioinformatics, Biomarker ID for Human Disease, Alabama Life Research Institute, Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis, Drug Response and Pharmacogenomics, Cell Free DNA Analysis, Bio-Scaffolds, Biomarkers for the Detection of Ovarian Cancer, Biomarkers for the Detection of Pancreatic Cancer, Tissue Engineering,
Disease ModelsVet Medicine, Food Production, Bone Disease, Sickle Cell, Cardiovascular Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Aging, Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmunity, Neurological Diseases, In vivo Imaging, In vivo Model Systems of Disease and Drug Action, Tumor Models/Cancer Progression and Therapy Mechanisms, Relevant Models in Cancer, CNS, Infectious Disease, Immuno-Oncology Models,
Systems BiologyMolecular Genetics Biology, Alabama Life Research Institute, Cancer Biology, Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Brain and Nervous System, Metabolic Systems, Cardiovascular Disease, Reproductive Physiology/ Endocrinology, Lipid Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology,
Protein Chemistry and EngineeringX-ray and Neutron Crystallography, Protein Function, Alabama Water Institute, Protein Chemistry and Enzymology, Metallobiochemistry, Synthetic Vaccines, Traditional and Novel Adsorbents,
Remediation and Waste ManagementRemediation and Waste Management, Biological Waste Management, Microbial Remediation,
Biomedical Devices and MaterialsTheranostic Nanostructures, Wireless Biomedical Devices, Opthamology Implants, Orthopedic Implants, Cardiac Implants, New Dental Implant Materials, Ultra-hard Coatings for Artificial Joints, Biomedical Device Technology, Bio-sensors and Recognition, Forensic Drug Analysis, Bio-Tissue Mechanics, Bio-Robotics and Prosthetics, Device Development for Patient Rehab, Biosensors, Hyperspectral Imaging, Biomedical Devices, Medical Device Engineering,
Marine PharmacologyMarine Pharmacology,
Molecular MedicineNovel Microbiological Approaches, Broad Genomics and Genetics in Clinical and Research Approaches, Novel Microbiological Approaches,
Waste Water TreatmentWaste Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment,
Agricultural Genomics and InformaticsAgricultural Genomics and Informatics, Plant Genomics/Genetics, Plant Genome Sequencing, De Novo Assembly of Complex Plant Genomes,
PlasmaPlasma, Nanoparticles Based Cancer Treatment, Plasma Biology and Medicine, Cancer Treatment,
Precision MedicinePharmacogenomics, Precision Oncology, Drug Development, Personalized Therapeutics, Genomics, Precision Diagnostics,
NeurologyLearning and Memory, CNS Plasticity,
Restorative MedicinePatient Care Transplantations of Bone Marrow or Tissues/Organs, Engineering of Artificial Organ Products, Tissue Engineering and Nanoengineering, Biology of the Heart and Other Organs,

Research Sector: Transportation

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Traffic ManagementCenter for Advanced Public Safety, Public Transport, Urban Planning, Management Systems, Round-About Design,
Transportation-Related EngineeringAlabama Transportation Institute, Materials Engineering for Transportations Sector: Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Marine, Transportation Engineering, General Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Composites Testing,
Transportation SafetyAlabama Transportation Institute, Transportation Safety, Construction Site Work Zone Safety and Erosion and Sediment Control on Construction Sites,
Road TechnologyAlabama Transportation Institute, Asphalt Pavement Research, Bridge Maintenance, Infrastructure Resilience, Bridge Wave Load, Highway Runoff Treatment and Management, Pile Foundation Setup (Geotechnical),
Intelligent TransportationAlabama Transportation Institute, DOT Personal Training, Vehicle Dynamics and Controls,, Testing of Electronic Components for Harsh Environment, CAVE3, Center for Advanced Vehicle Electronics for Extreme Environment, Autonomous Vehicle Development, Guidance and Control and GPS Systems, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Sensing and Re-Identification Applications, Automatic Road Sign Detection for Smart Vehicles, Wireless Sensor and Bridge Weigh in Motion (BWIM) System for Next Generation Infrastructure Safety, Traffic Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Simulation, Route Optimization,

Research Sector: Plasma Sciences

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Experimental Plasma ScienceGas Discharge, Gas Discharges, Chemistry, Material Science/Engineering, Gas Discharges, Material Science Engineering, Laboratory Plasma Experiments, Probe Development, Optical Plasma Diagnostics, Material Science / Engineering, Chemistry, Probe Development,
Theory / Computation / ModelingSpace Plasma, Space Plasma, Chemistry, Space Plasma, Atomic Physics, Space Plasma, Material Science / Engineering,
EngineeringPlasma Probe Engineering, Engineering of Optical Plasma Diagnostic Systems, Bioscience / Bioengineering, Propulsion, Aerospace,
Education / Human ResourcesHuman Development, Human Development, Human Development, Human Development,
Applications of Plasma SciencePlasma Induced Chemical Reactions, Plasma Biology and Medicine, Plasma Surface Treatments for Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing, Plasmas for Electric Propulsion, Plasma Related Combustion for Micro-Thrusters, Plasma Based Nanodevice Fabrication and Diagnostics, Plasma Based Cancer Treatment, Plasmas for Small Satellite Propulsion, Plasmonics, Plasma Engineering of Surfaces for Manufacturing, Plasmas for Food and Agriculture, Plasma Radiation for Energy Applications, Nanoparticle Pattern Formation in Magnetized Plasmas, Plasma Erosion of Surfaces, Atomic Proceses at Plasma-Surface Interfaces, Plasmas for Nano and Microparticle Formation and Control in Manufacturing, Plasma Science for High Speed Imaging and Image Processing, Plasma and Atomic Science for High Performance Computing, Energy Related Thermal Properties of Plasmas, Plasma Induced Nanoparticle and Polymer Synthesis, Nanoparticle Based Cancer Treatment, Plasma Surface Treatment for Nanoparticles and Polymers, Plasma Surface Treatment for Metals, Alloys, Metal Oxides, Plasma Surface Treatments for Manufacturing, Plasmas for Surface Chemistry, Plasma Surface Interactions, Plasma Surface Treatments and Surface Ablation for Advanced Manufacturing, Plasma Related Satellite Propulsion and Systems, Microwave Plasma Synthesis and Processing of Superhard Materials, Plasma Based Smart Materials, Plasma Surface Deposition for Advanced Manufacturing, Seed Treatment and Food Processing Applications,

Research Sector: Nanotechnology

Core TechnologyCapabilities
NanotechnologyDevice Fabrication Processes and Diagnostics, Device Fabrication, Polymer Nano-Composites and Their Applications, Nanocomposites, Forensic Drug Analysis, Antimicrobial peptides, Silver and silver CNT composites for infectious diseases, Nanomaterials for bacterial pathogens, Nanocomposites, Plasmonics, Plasmonics, Plasmonics, Asynchronous Digital Circuits, Nanoparticle Pattern Formation in Magnetized Plasmas, Nanoparticles and Polymer, Smart Materials, Device Fabrication Processes and Diagnostics, Material Processing, Novel Nano-Composite Development and Application, Nano-Phase Stability, Nano- & Fabrication, Engineered Nanoporous Materials, Nanostructure Functionalized Fibers, Laser Treatment, Tissue Engineering, Metal Core Nanomaterials (Cancer Therapeutics), Bionanotechnology, Nanoparticle-Based Drug Delivery and Biomedical Imaging, Capabilities for Production and Testing of Drug Products (SLN, Nano and Microparticles), Food Packaging, Bio Sensing, Sensor Technology, Nanotechnology-Based Sensing, Nanoenabled Biosensors, Liquid Crystal Sensing, Microfluidics, Sensor Technology, Mechanical Force Sensors, Imaging Capabilities, Nanofibers, Inorganic Nanomaterials, Nanomaterial Formulation and Characterization, Magnetic Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Nanostructured Biomaterials, Nanoparticles, Silicon/Protein Interfaces, Inorganic Chemistry, Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry, Quantum Dots, Nanoelectronics, Nanoimprint Lithography, Low-Power Custom-Integrated Nano Electronic Systems, Carbon Based Transistors and Interconnects for Computing Hardware, Microelectronics and MEMS Packaging, Electrodeposition,
Nano Material Composites and FabricationPolymer Nano-Composites and Their Applications, Nanocomposites, Nanomaterials for bacterial pathogens, Nanocomposites, Material Processing, Novel Nano-Composite Development and Application, Nano-Phase Stability, Nano- & Fabrication, Engineered Nanoporous Materials, Nanostructure Functionalized Fibers,
Therapeutics and Drug DeliveryAntimicrobial peptides, Silver and silver CNT composites for infectious diseases, Laser Treatment, Tissue Engineering, Metal Core Nanomaterials (Cancer Therapeutics), Bionanotechnology, Nanoparticle-Based Drug Delivery and Biomedical Imaging, Capabilities for Production and Testing of Drug Products (SLN, Nano and Microparticles),
Food PackagingFood Packaging,
Sensor TechnologyForensic Drug Analysis, Bio Sensing, Sensor Technology, Nanotechnology-Based Sensing, Nanoenabled Biosensors, Liquid Crystal Sensing, Microfluidics, Sensor Technology, Mechanical Force Sensors, Imaging Capabilities,
Nanostructures, Particles, and ChemistryNanofibers, Nanomaterial Formulation and Characterization, Magnetic Nanomaterials, Nanostructures and Nanostructured Biomaterials, Nanoparticles, Silicon/Protein Interfaces, Inorganic Chemistry, Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry, Inorganic Nanomaterials,
Engineered Nano EffectsPlasmonics, Plasmonics, Quantum Dots,
NanoelectronicsAsynchronous Digital Circuits, Nanoelectronics, Nanoimprint Lithography, Low-Power Custom-Integrated Nano Electronic Systems, Carbon Based Transistors and Interconnects for Computing Hardware, Microelectronics and MEMS Packaging, Electrodeposition,
PlasmaDevice Fabrication Processes and Diagnostics, Device Fabrication, Plasmonics, Nanoparticles and Polymer, Smart Materials, Nanoparticle Pattern Formation in Magnetized Plasmas,

Research Sector: Metal and Advanced Materials

Core TechnologyCapabilities
PlasmaSurface Treatment, Plasma Erosion of Surfaces, Atomic Processes at Plasma-Surface Interfaces, Surface Modification of Nanoparticles, Metals, Metal Oxides, Alloys, and Polymers for Compatiblity, Surface Interactions, Low Work Function Materials,
Electronic and Optical MaterialsOptics and Electro-Optics Manufacturing Under ISO and TS for Military Applications, Photonics and Biophotonics, Electronic and Optical Materials, Optics,
Materials Processing and ChemistryBiodegradable Composite Materials, Material Processing, Process and Fabrication (Metal Casting and Microjoining), Metal Coatings and Corrosion, Welding and Repair of Rail Steel and Thick Section Structures, Characterization of High-Z Materials, Fracture and Failure Analysis, Materials Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, Metal Casting and Solidification, Low Cost Carbon and, Natural Fiber Materials, Reinforced Ceramics, Material Science, Bioprocesses, Structural Engineering, Friction Stir Welding, Reliability and Failure Analysis, Steel Structural Engineering, Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry, Advanced Metal Casting Technology,
Chemical Property Analysis and TestingSurface Characterization of Polymers, Ceramics, and Metals, Optical/NLO Testing, Analysis of Chemical Structure Physical/Optical Function, Forensic Drug Analysis, Surface and Other Capabilities for Characterization, Mechanical Property Testing, Crystal Growth, Plasticity and Dislocation Dynamics, Low-Temp Epitaxial Growth of Semiconductors, Material Detection and Classification,
High Magnetic MaterialsHigh Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Materials, Superconductors,
Smart MaterialsQuantum Dots, Smart Buildings, Adaptive (Bio, Acoustic Wave, and Electrochemical) Sensors, Smart Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites, Semiconductor Thin Film Techniques, Flexible Electronics, Alloy Formulation and Characterization, Spintronic Materials, Carbon Materials, Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials, Micro and Nanostructure Characterization, Semiconductors, Complex Materials, Metamaterials for Wireless Sensing, HLSA Cast Material, 7000 Series as Cast Aluminum, Low RE Containing Magnesium Alloys, Computational Alloy Design, Advanced Composites, Composite Fabrication Capabilities,
Extreme MaterialsHigh Strength Low Alloy Steels, Materials Under Extreme Pressure and Electromagnetic Fields, High Temperature Ceramic Materials, High Temperature Testing of Materials for Hypersonics, High Temperature Materials,
Nuclear Material SafetyNuclear Material Safety,
Materials TreatmentUV Processing, New Coating Technologies, Machine Shop with Broad Capabilities Including Rare Materials and Composites, Laser Treatment, Ion-Bombardment, Surfaces and Interfaces,

Research Sector: Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Big DataData Mining, Data Mining, Analytics for Forensics, Cybercrime, and Biomedical Applications, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data, Big Data, Data Mining- using Tableau and Power BI, Big Data, Reliable and secure software development, Big Data Analysis, Biological Meta Analysis, Bioinformatics and Study Design, Data Mining, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data,
SecurityApplied Cryptography, Mobile Device Security, UA Cyber Institute, Cybersecurity, Software engineering, reliable and secure software development, Digital Forensics, Software Protection, Cloud Security, Cyber Physical Systems, Security of 3D Printing, Voting Systems, Insider Threats, Supply-Chain Security, Malware Analysis, Electronic Medical Device Security, Mobile Device Protection, Cyber Vulnerability Assessment, UAV Security, High Performance Computing Intrusion Detection, Security and Privacy, Wireless Networks, Cyber Physical Systems, Software Reliability and Security, Network Security, Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, Phishing, Signcryption, Cloud Security, High Performance Computing, Cyber Security of In-Vehicle and Inter-Vehicle Systems, Device Design for Cyber Security, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Software Safety, UAS Security, Industrial Control System Security (SCADA), Automotive Security/ Smart Car Research, Smart Grid, Server-Area Networking, Embedded Systems,
BioinformaticsBioinformatics and Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biometrics,
Artificial Intelligence Machine LearningMachine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Agent-Directed Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Smart Health Networks, Digital Thread for Manufacturing, Machine Learning, Ontology,
Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Engineering, Genomics Analysis Pipeline Development, Clinical Genomics Software for CLIA Certified Use, Bioinformatics and Data Analysis, Gaming, Software Metrics,
PlasmaHigh Speed Imaging and Image Processing, High Performance Computing of Atomic Processes in Plasmas,
Modeling and Image ProcessingShape Modeling, Scientific Visualization, Image Video/Processing, Clinical Information Extraction, UA Cyber Institute, Modeling and Simulation, Signal/Image Processing, Sensor Data Analytics, Intelligent Systems, Statistical Signal and Image Processing, Modeling and Simulation of Systems (Communications, Bio, UAV, Vehicles), Automatic Target Detection and Tracking, Geographic Information Systems, Control Theory, Image Processing, Modeling and Simulation, Visualization and Graphics,

Research Sector: Forestry Products

Core TechnologyCapabilities
Water ResourcesHydrology, Water Resources, Water Resources,
Environmental Health and ModelingEcology, Sustainable, Healthy Wildlife Populations, Carbon Sequestration, Environmental Health for Humans, Control of Animal and Plant Invasive Species, Modeling of Climate Influences on Forests, Wildlife, and People, Socioeconomic Factors, Environmental Engineering, Genetics, Combustion, Insect Phermonology, Wildlife Management, Aquatic Ecology, Forest Fire Fighting Technology, Forest Ecology,
Biofuels and ProductsFermentation, Liquid Biofuels/Combustion Technologies, Alternative Fuels, Sustainable Energy, Plant Functional Genomics/Genetics, Plant Genome Sequencing, De Novo Assembly of Complex Genomes, Wood Products Technology, Biofuels, Expanding Products, Reducing Manufacturing Costs, Lowering Transportation Costs for Bioenergy Feed Stocks, Lignocellulose Extraction, Biopolymers, Biocomposites, Bioenergy/ Biorefinery Technologies, Pulp and Paper Process Engineering, Biodiesel From Vegetable Oils with Honeycomb Monolithic Catalysts, Natural Products Chemistry,
Atmospheric ScienceRemote Sensing Technologies, Weather/Climate Models, Atmospheric Science,

Research Sector: Energy

Core TechnologyCapabilities
High-temperature MaterialsHigh Temperature Materials,
Propulsion SystemsEnergy Device Characterizations, Internal Combustion Engines, Advanced Vehicle Systems and Components, Traditional and Alternative Fuel Combustion, Power Systems, Propulsion,
Wind and SolarTesting and Optimization of Commercial Panels, Solar Energy Production, Conversion of Solar Energy, Mechanical Energy, Chemical into Electrical Energy, Wind/Photo-Voltaic (PV)/Fuel Cell Modeling, Simulation and Control, Hardware Validation of Wind/PV/Fuel Cell-Grid Models, Wind and Solar Modeling and Energy Prediction, Renewable Energy, Power Systems Analysis, Photovoltaic Materials, Photon and Particle Sensing Technology, Solar/Wind/Hydro Modeling,
Power Grid TechnologyUA Cyber Institute, Optimization of Electric Power Systems, Distributed Co-Operative Control, Optimization and Stability of Power Systems, Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Power Systems, Renewable Energy Integration and Micro-Grid Simulations, Smart Grid Data Analysis, Dynamic Co-Operative Distributed Control and Optimization of Power Systems with Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Using Game Theory, Particle Swarm Optimization Test Bed for Power Loss in Transmission Lines, Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation of Power Systems/Smart Grid, Real-time Statistical Analysis of Smart Grid Data, Building Energy and HVAC Systems, Smart Grid, Gas Turbine Technology / Power Generation, Water/Fuel Interface at Power Plant Stage (Cartersville, GA),
Energy StorageIndustrial Control Systems, Artificial Photosynthesis, Ionic Liquids, Home Energy Monitoring, Battery Technology, Rapid Charging Technology, Solar and Energy Storage for Grid-Ready, Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Conversion of Water into Hydrogen Energy, Thin Film Super-Capacitors, Light Weight Energy Storage, Energy Storage Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems, Radiant Heat Control for Solar HVAC Application, Dynamic Analysis Tool for Renewable Energy/Grid Integration, Chemical Approaches to Energy Storage, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials, Energy Systems Modeling, Power System Protection and Control, Fault Detection Hardware, Batteries and Advanced Energy Storage, Natural Gas Storage, Hydrogen Storage,
BiofuelsPhotosynthesis, Plant Genomics/Genetics, Cellulosic Crop and Biomass Genomics, Plant Genome Sequencing, De Novo Assembly of Complex Plant Genomes, Biofuels (Diesel), Biomass Production, Bioenergy Production and Bioproducts, Growing and Harvesting Bioenergy Fuels, Bioreactors for Fuel and Fine Chemical Production, Alternative Fuels, Microbiological Energy Production, Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability, Biofuels, Biomass Processing,
Pollution ControlCarbon Capture, Broad Range of Technology and Testing for Air Pollution Control from Fossil Fuels, Carbon Capture at Power Plant Stage (Wilsonville, AL), Fuel and Chemical Production for Waste Streams,
Hydro-carbon EnergyCombustion, Hg Testing from Fossil Fuels, Petroleum Geology, Hydrocarbon Systems,
Modeling and EngineeringPopulation, System Testing, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Modeling and Simulation, Civil Engineering,
PlasmaPlasma Radiation, Thermal Properties of Plasmas, Satellite Propulsion, Space Systems, Small Satellite Propulsion, Electric Propulsion,