Economic Development

Interactive Map

In efforts to make searching for research information at different Alabama institutions more accessible, ALEPSCoR developed and launched a searchable research capabilities map/database for the eight EPSCoR research institutions, Southern Research and HudsonAlpha. This will make it easier to directly see what type of research the different institutions are doing, along with contact information for each. 

Accelerate Alabama

State_blue_gradientInitially, the 2009 Alabama Science and Technology Roadmap was developed to guide leaders in the public and private sector to ensure the growth of a strong science and technology foundation in Alabama. The 2009 Roadmap identified core technology assests in the state and called for enhancing state and private support for “applying core technologies more extensively to promote innovation and global competitiveness for Alabama’s key industries, such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, agriculture, forest products and advanced manufacturing.” This was followed by the development of a more advanced economic development strategic plan for the State, Accelerate Alabama, led by the Economic Development Alliance, created in July 2011 by Executive Order of Governor Robert Bentley and Chaired by Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield. 

Accelerate Alabama includes eleven identified targeted business sectors for Alabama to focus its efforts, as well as recommendations or accelerators, and related tactics, centered on three economic development drivers: 

Recruitment of new business and industry, Retention and expansion of existing business and industry and Renewal through job creation, innovation, research and development, as well as commercialization.

A newer version (3.0) is in the process of being created.