UA @ birmingham

Join us for NSF Day at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Birmingham are pleased to invite you to participate in our upcoming NSF Day to be held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hill Student Center 1400 University Blvd. Birmingham, Alabama 35233. Breakfast, snacks and catered lunch will be included.

Tuskegee Science and Technology Open House 2016

One of the greatest problems America faces is reducing the gap between the numbers of qualified workers and the increasing need to fill jobs in science and technology fields. Tuskegee University continues to be on the forefront of addressing the future of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and careers in underserved areas.

Alabama STEM education initiative gets worldwide attention

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Six-year-old Blake examines three small wheat seeds under a magnifying glass and then documents what he has observed. He pinches together a piece of paper towel until it fits into a straw. The student deposits his seeds in the straw and the teacher places the straws in cups.

The class discusses whether the seed could grow without soil. It is determined that plants need air, water, and sun to grow. The teacher places the straws in water in the windows and the class will observe them during the next few weeks and record their findings.

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