New DOE Award for University of Alabama

Congrats to the University of Alabama for being awarded a DOE EPSCoR award in the amount of $300,000 dollars! This will go to support research in Grid Decarbonizing Solar Tech. UA specifically will be focusing on Low-Cost, Highly Efficient and Fast Thermally Pressed Scalable Carbon-Based Planar Perovskite Solar Cells. To learn more about the DOE Awards please visit: 

DOE EPSCoR | $479K State Laboratory Partnership Award

DOE EPSCoR State Laboratory Partnership Awards encourage collaborations between researchers at the seven research institutions and Federal Laboratory personnel. Alabama has three ongoing projects. The University of Alabama was awarded a 2011 grant in the amount of $497K.

DoE EPSCoR| $1.1M Implementation Grant

An Alabama DoE EPSCoR Implementation Grant was awarded in August 2009. These awards consist of a research program and a human resource development program. UA is serving as the lead institution while the research cluster is headquartered at AU and includes researchers at UA, USA, TU, and Auburn/Montgomery.