Statewide Partnership Secures $20 Million Grant from NSF EPSCoR

Owing to the efforts of Dr. Gary Zank, the PI for the funded research titled CPU2AL, and the collaborative efforts of ALEPSCoR, the co-principal investigators, and the institutional leads, Alabama is one of five states awarded an RII Track-1 award this coming year.

NSF EPSCoR | $11.2M Co-Funding

When a proposal is sent to a NSF directorate and found meritorious, opportunities within NSF exist for the project to be jointly funded by the specific NSF directorate and the NSF EPSCoR office. In 2012, new awards to Alabama researchers resulting from NSF EPSCoR Co-Funding totaled $11.2M.

NSF EPSCoR RII | $1.2M Cyberinfrastructure Upgrade

Alabama EPSCoR was awarded two cyberinfrastructure grants in 2011. The first is a $1.2M grant to upgrade Alabama cyber network and connectivity infrastructure to enhance Alabama’s research competitiveness in nanotechnology, bioscience, and sensors. The second is a $1.7M grant to coordinate and upgrade cyberinfrastructure in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi to enable the rapid sharing of data resources and tools to advance new scientific discoveries in geosciences and engineering associated with coastal hazards in the tri-state region.

NSF EPSCoR (RII-3) | $15M Research Infrastructure Improvement Cooperative Agreement

Alabama EPSCoR was awarded a $15M NSF Research Infrastructure Improvement Cooperative Agreement from September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2014 entitled, “Enhancing Alabama’s Research Capacity in Nano/ Bio Science and Sensors.” This award provides funding to ALEPSCoR research institutions across the state for developing Alabama high technology research capability.